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  • What kind of equipment do you use? +

    We use only professional state-of-the-art disc jockey equipment. We also use cd players and wireless microphones. Our set-ups are very attractive and unobtrusive.
  • Is all your music licensed and is this something to be concerned with? +

    This is a huge topic in the industry now and a large portion of DJ service providers are simply breaking the law. Many DJ’s are now taking shortcuts to success. Companies that are burning cd compilations or using laptops, or IPOD’s are illegally playing this music. They may or may not have paid the 99 cents to have the song. Even if they have "purchased" some online selections, the law states that this type of music acquisition is not legal for public performance. This may or may not be a concern of yours when selecting your Wedding Entertainer but consider this. A company in Pennsylvania recently had their music library confiscated on a Friday afternoon in May. Obviously their clients whose weddings were in the near and distant future suffered enormously. The company closed its doors along with being fined millions of dollars. It sure is convenient for this new type of digital DJ to ease potential clients with the promise to have the largest library possible on their mp3 source of choice. Aside from the legal aspects of this new revolution of DJ’s, the quality of the recordings or lack there of, is not up to par with that of an original CD. Period. The other side of the topic is the backup equipment. Professional DJ Mixers and/or Cd players cost +/- $500 while a laptop that is qualified to be up to the task could be in the thousands of dollars. Chances are the cost alone may be prohibitive to these operations from having a back up plan in the event of failure. Let’s forget about how the library has been created for a minute since this also may not be a concern to you. A laptop or hard drive failure at your event would be catastrophic. Our question to those companies is if they are now lowering their rates since the music quality and amount of work has been lessened? The last concern of ours regarding these “cutting edge” entertainers is the ease of which sets can be pre- programmed through mp3 playlists. Every great DJ has a number of songs that work great together to really whip the crowd into a frenzy. But, what worked last week simply may not work for your crowd. This pre-planned order in which they are played may not be giving you and your guests the option of requesting music since it mostly likely is inconvenient for this DJ to adapt from their setlist. Simply reading the crowd and adapting to what is needed to be played at every moment during your special event is learned from years of experience.
  • Can the DJ stay longer? +

    We love a good party, for evening events it’s never a problem. For daytime events, we suggest booking the DJ ahead of time (we may have an evening event afterwards)
  • When do you arrive for the reception? +

    We’ll be there to setup about an hour in advance. It only takes about 15 minutes to set up our equipment, so in the unlikely event of any technical problems, we can solve them well before the start of your wedding reception.
  • Can you play music for the ceremony? +

    We are often asked to supply ceremony music, all you have to do is schedule us to play for that time. We suggest scheduling us to start 15 minutes before the ceremony time. Also, there is a small fee if the sound systems needs to be moved to another location.
  • Can you play music to entertain all our guests? +

    That's exactly what we do! We all have the ability to "read a crowd" and will select a mix of music that will touch upon everyone there. We’ll have music with us for every generation.
  • How much will you use the microphone? +

    We try not to overdo it. We feel your guests are not interested in hearing our disc jockey "ham it up" over the microphone. While we make all the announcements with our microphone, it is not uncommon to see us out among your guests encouraging requests.
  • Can you provide lighting effects if we need it? +

    Sure, and at very little extra cost for a basic light show.. If requested, we can supply many different effects. In fact, we've been the sound and lighting supplier for several big radio station parties over the many years.
  • How far in advance do we need to book? +

    Most people book their DJ from 4-6 months or more in advance.. However, on many occasions we book dates just a few of weeks ahead of time.
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